Friday, August 7, 2009

For those of you who don't believe.....

For those of you who don't believe in holistic things, such as Reiki and Chakras, here is the story of the past 24 hours or so of my life.

Around 1230 or so last night, my friend Jackie called me in a panic. She told me this story of how this woman came into her work, and how she was looking at crystals and such. This woman picked one out and was telling Jackie how she knew alot about holistic healing, and asked Jackie if she would like her chakras opened. Not really believing in this stuff, but wanting to be nice and polite to this woman, she agreed. The woman told her that she was going to open her third eye chakra. After she did it, Jackie had a severe burning sensation in her head, and was seeing different color lights. She got home from work and felt weak. She kept seeing those lights, and she kept seeing things like black shadows and such. She felt like she wasn't even inside her body. She was freaking out and was scared to go to sleep. I looked up the third eye chakra online, and found that was she was experiencing was normal for it. It also said though that the lady had done it wrong, which was a very scary thing. Jackie finally went to sleep. She had horrid, vivid dreams that including her loved ones dying and weird things happening, and she could feel the pain in her head while she was sleeping.When she woke up, she felt like she hadn't slept at all, and that burning pain was still in her head. She felt like she was sick as well, like she had the flu or something. Enough was enough, so I called my Reiki practioner and talked the whole thing over with her. She said she would be able to see Jackie that day. So I took Jackie to Pura Vida Reiki ( in Yarmouth, and she had a session there. Leslie, the Reiki practioner, said that Jackie had way too much energy in her third eye, and removed the excess and balanced out her chakras. After the session, Jackie felt much better and back to normal! She even felt better then normal. She felt really relaxed and had no pain. She was astonished herself at what had happened, and is now a believe of holistic healing.

Still don't believe? Ask me about my Reiki stories.

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  1. Some powerful magic happened there. Do do Reiki? Reiki has really helped me, I do it to myself all the time. A magic supplement I have recently found is SAM-e. My holistic MD recommended I start it for my fibromyalgia and my arthritis in my right knee. IT IS A BLOODY MIRACLE! I have hardly any body aches and my knee is about 85% better. It took about 5 days for me to notice a difference. If you want to try it compare prices obline, way cheaper. Other things that have really saved me are weekly massages, Bowenwork twice a month. For supplements I won't be without magnesium, vitamin C, malic acid and vitamin D. Oh, yes and meditation every morning. Just a few things that may help you. Fibro can really get control of your life and sink you deep in a hole. I found regular medicine really didn't help me AT ALL! Good luck and keep in communication if you want! Karen