Wednesday, August 12, 2009

As Life Goes On....

So I ended my last post Monday evening. Things were going good at that point, until later on that evening. It got really hot and humid, and it made me incredibly sick. I hate having such bad heat sensitivity. It was alright for a while because Dan got me an extra box fan in addition to the ceiling fan we have in the bedroom. But then I had to get up and go in the other room for something. On my way back, the heat really got to me and I passed out. I hit my head when I went down. When I woke up, I had a wicked headache, and was dizzy for a few minutes. I was nauseous as well. But I felt better within a few mins so things were ok.

On Tuesday, I went to the chiropractor again, which was a miracle because my neck was really messed up, I'm assuming from the fall, but I'm not really sure at all. But yet again, it helped tremendously and I'm glad I went. Tuesday night Dan's parents came up for a visit. They came over and saw our new apartment, they seem to really like it. They then took us out to dinner. I had chicken alfredo, and it was really good as usual. I'm such an alfredo person.

I didn't get sleep last night. Or if I did, it surely wasn't enough. I have been so exhausted all day. Today I cut up my credit cards after making payment arrangements and such. This is the beginning of my trying to get out from under my debt. I'm working with Credit Solutions. Hopefully this will work out. I'm still really stressed out about the whole financial situation though. I have so many bills that I just can't afford right now. And its so hard to keep up with everything. And of course, for those of you with fibro, you know how stress makes everything worse. Oh man.

Ok, well Dan and I are watching a movie, so I'm off to enjoy that. Later. :)

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  1. I hope things work out better for you. I am still awaiting an insurance settlement to get out from under my medical debt.
    In reading your bio and everything, you sound just like me. The heat also gets to me. The 100 degree heatwave nearly killed me. lol.
    Now I am trying to pace myself in writing for the art webzine and writing my books. We will see how much I can get done. LOL.
    Hang in there, good people like us always have hope for a brighter day. When things seem awful bleak for me they get a little better. Hopefully the same for you.