Friday, October 16, 2009

Lyrica/Neurontin Update

Well, I don't really know where to start here, but I guess I'm gonna start with Saturday. By Saturday, I was mostly recovered from the flu, but I was having horrible horrible pains in my legs, and it was more like nerve pain, completely with burning, tingling, etc. It was really bad and I didn't know what to do about it. I dealt with it on Saturday, but mainly because I just hoped it would go away because I didn't want to go the ER, because they usually just dismiss everything as fibro anyways.

But on Sunday, I woke up and it was even worse, and I just couldn't take it anymore, so I ended up in the ER anyways. The doctor said it did seem like nerve pain but he didn't know what to do for it since I was already on Lyrica. I basically told him that obviously the Lyrica wasn't working right and there had to be SOMETHING he could do. So then reluctantly (I say this because thats how he sounded) prescribed Neurontin. I went to Rite Aid to get it filled, and made sure I double checked with the pharmacist to make sure I could take both Lyrica and Neurontin at the same time, and it all checked out ok. So I started taking it that night, and woah what a difference! The pain got much better along with the other symptoms, and it even helped me sleep!

So on Tuesday, (Remember, Monday was a holiday) I called my neurologist's office to tell him about all that had happened. He didn't think it was necessary for me to be on both medications, and since he apparently likes Lyrica better, he decided to just up that. I wasn't very happy with that decision since the Neurontin seemed to be helping more, so I called yet again, and he finally agreed.

Tuesday night, I stop taking Lyrica and took Neurontin instead. Wednesday I slept most of the day, but don't really think much of it because that happens sometimes with my fibro flares. However, when I did end up being awake that evening, I was horribly depressed/anxious and wasn't even really sure why. And it was really bad, like including crying fits. And then I was like that on Thursday most of the day too. WTF?

Same with today. But today Dan and I realized that it must be the stopping of the Lyrica, and then it's like a withdrawal or something of some sort. I don't know. But its really bad, and tonight I just decided I couldn't take it anymore and took a Lyrica to see if the theory was correct. It was. I feel much better now, still upset about the same things as I was, but I'm not a wreck at all. Not sure what I am going to do about this for the rest of the weekend, but I know for a fact that I am calling my doctor next week to see what can be done.

Well, there's the update on my life. Hope all is well <3


  1. Great point to bring up on Lyrica. It does sound like your body is hooked. I for one do not like being "hooked" on any of my meds. Like your experience, weird bad things happen.
    I am surprised Neurontin works on you. I became very ill on that med. Hopefully your doctor can be of help for you.
    It does sound like you may have a pinched nerve in your knee, if it is the one you hurt earlier. I have sharp tingling pain in my knees and back as well from previous damage.


  2. I am glad your feeling a bit better. When I stopped Lyrica (it wasn't working) I had a few bad days of extra sadness/crying/hysterics too. It lasted about a week and then I was fine. I'm glad the new medicine is working!!!!! and that you are over the flu!!!! Let's hope this week is awesome for you!

  3. Uggg.. Sounds like you won't be able to quit the Lyrica cold turkey. A lot of meds are like that. Try slowly lowering the dose. Going longer betwee each. You may still have some discomfort but you won't go through such a horrid detox.

    I am glad the Nuerontin is working for you though!