Sunday, October 4, 2009

Gotta Love Life....

Yet again, I am not feeling life lately, but this time its because I have managed to come down with the flu. And trust me, the flu plus fibro is absolutely horrible and really just makes you wanna curl up in a ball and die. Or maybe that last part is just me. Who knows?

But anyway, I am currently on day 5 of this horrible thing and I def don't feel any better at all. And this is the weirdest flu I've ever had.The symptoms change, come and go, etc. In my memory, I've never had something like that. But I've had all the worst symptoms. Fever, headache, congestion, coughing, sore throat, dizziness, weakness, pain, stomachache, etc. You name it and I've prolly had it. And I'm pretty sure its making my fibro act up more too.

I'm pumping in the antioxidants, the vitamin c, other supplements, and fluids but nothing seems to help. I have not felt any better from day to day, and during some parts of the day I feel worse. Like I said, its a weird strain I have here.

To make matters worse, Dan is sick too, and we both have the hardest time getting things done. And I've had to take time off work, which absolutely sucks because we need the money. I'm supposed to go back tomorrow, and I think I'm going to even if I'm at death's door. We need the money that badly.

Ok I'm off. Sorry for the complaining. And sorry for any typos, I did this via my blackberry.



  1. I hope you feel better soon. I agree that the flu with fibro is the worst!!!!! keep your chin up! It will pass soon!

  2. Oh no, flu?! Did you get the flu shot this year? I've gotten the seasonal one, but am still waiting for the swine variety to come out. I get the flu shot every year because I have asthma, but I usually still end up getting at least some kind of cold or flu once or twice a year.

    I sure do remember that curl up in a ball and die feeling, too. :P

    Rest up and feel better soon, both of you.