Thursday, March 31, 2011

Not Quite As Bad As I Thought

So my doctor appointment didn't go quite as bad as I thought, though it still wasn't great by any long stretch of the imagination. I told him that I was not ok with the thought of weight loss surgery, and that I would rather try to lose the weight on my own. He didn't seem too pleased, but he agreed. We have a 6 month goal, and I need to try to get to a certain number by then. If I haven't, he wants me to reconsider the surgery. I told him I would, but I still don't think I'll ever go with it.

So I'm gonna try doing my DDR workouts again. I love that they have the workout mode, because it shows progress that I'm making, plus it's not as boring as most exercising can be. I'm still not excited though, because last time I tried this it made me feel so crappy. But I'm gonna try to start out very slowly and slowly build up.

I still didn't get my referral to the rheumy though. But he didn't necessarily say no. What happened was that he didn't even give me the chance. Once we discussed the weight thing, he pretty much assumed the appointment was over and left. But, his receptionist came up with the idea that I should call the rheumy's office and have them send the paperwork down to the dr. So I did just that. Not sure if it's gonna do any good yet, but we'll see.

Keep your fingers crossed for me!


  1. I know you will roll your eyes and say "whatever", but I know how you feel about losing weight on your own terms. The diet my dr wanted to put me on last year was unrealistic, unless I'm part rabbit. I love veggies, but my most fave-potatoes were on the NO WAY! list! So while keeping his diet "in mind", I combined smaller portions, LOTS of water, very little soda (or fruit juice-which again, KILLS me because I love it!), and my own exercise routine. I found walking to be my best friend. Never underestimate walking!! I used the Endomundo app on my BB which has a pedometer, and I could measure each trip. Constantly increasing my goals. By the end of summer, (started in May), I lost 27 pounds! Which for me, is a lot. And the majority has stayed off all winter without walking at all. But I think it's because I lost it the RIGHT way, vs diet pills or even crash diets. I adjusted my lifestyle and it's working! Soon I'll be pack'n on the miles again, and hopefully another 15 pounds goes "bye bye"! So, it's all about discipline. Stick to your goals. And if you fall off the wagon-dont be discouraged-tomorrow is a new day! Just get back on track!!!

  2. I do hope you are able to lose the weight on your own. I, too, desperately need to but I am not sure about the surgery. It just doesn't seem with my issues to be a good idea either. I do like the Richard simmons workout DVDs because you can modify them to your level. I use his sit tight as I can't stand very long and this DVD you do sitting down and it works!

  3. I think you're right to avoid the surgery. At the very least, you need a 2nd opinion. If you have pain, you may have MORE after. Ask me how I know. ;-)
    I'm w/EvilAngelAngi go w/walking. Instead of trying to go a certain distance shoot for a time. It doesn't matter how far you go, as long as you go. Shoot for 10-15 mins a day at first & it doesn't need to be all at once. You can do it in 3 five minute sessions. For me, it's a walk around the block. I walk once in the morning (if I can,) once in the afternoon & once after dinner. It doesn't have to be fast. If it's too much, cut back. You know "no pain, no gain," doesn't apply to people w/FM. No pain = No pain, period.
    Also, if this doctor continues to block you from getting rheumy report him to the insurance. He won't know who does it, (I know you don't like confrontations,) and tell the ins. company he wants you to have weight loss surgery rather then trying to find a protocol (mostly likely drugs & PT,) to get your symptoms under control. Tell them you want a 2nd & 3rd opinion before going into something as COSTLY as surgery. You get to try out two new PCP & you will get your referral. Trust me, ins. company would much rather pay for drugs then surgery. I would be surprised if they didn't jump to help you. If they don't, you email me. I'm good at being a patient advocate; 20+ years of doing for myself has taught me a lot.
    Lastly, but far from least; (((hugs))) And hang in there. You are not alone. That doctor sounds like a jerk honestly. You know you and you know what's best for you. Remember that.

  4. Sorry, bout my run-ons. When I type fast I apparently feel commas are the red-headed step-kids of grammar. (And I always thought it was spelling. ;-)