Monday, September 21, 2009

So Bad At This...

I'm so bad at updating this blog lately. I'm just so exhausted and don't ever seem to have the time or energy to do it. But it's been long enough now, so here it goes.

I got a job. I'm now a Sales Associate at Toys R Us. As far as that type of job goes, it's pretty cool, and I absolutely love the people I work with. Everyone is good friends and talks and jokes and whatnot. Makes the work environment much better, especially compared to my last job at East Coast Marketing. The only downside though is that it is EXHAUSTING me. I feel dead after every shift, and usually end up feeling sick during work. I get so tired. And tonight, my pain has been extreme. But there really isn't much I can do about it. We need the money, so I have to endure.

My doctor has put me on Savella, which I'm hoping will make some kind of difference. So far I'm not on the normal dosage yet, I'm still on the increasing dosages. Or however you word that. I haven't noticed too much change yet, though I haven't felt any negative side effects either, so that's a plus. I just hope it really does make some sort of positive difference, because honestly, I'm going crazy.

I'm also really upset that my facebook group hasn't taken off like I had hoped for it too. Don't get me wrong, many people have joined, but donations are at a minimum. I know times are hard, but I'm just so frustrated. I really really really want/need this treatment, and I just have no way of getting it. I'm not mad at anyone, just at the situation. I don't feel like its fair that I can't get the treatment that I need in order to live my life.

Well, that's it for now. Just a short update.

<3 you all!


  1. I hope that your new medication Savella helps. I wish I could work in a store like you. I just can't stand long enough or sit long enough to be able to work outside my home. I just work a few hours a week for my parents company. I miss the interactions with others and the friendsships with the people you work with. Good luck.

  2. Honestly, I'm not sure how I do it myself. I feel like I am going crazy most of the time, and I always end up feeling so sick. But money is so tight that I really don't have much of a choice really.

  3. Don't worry - there are no rules. This is your blog and you can do with it whatever you wish, whenever you wish. We understand. :)

    Also, I sure hope you can get the treatment you are shooting for and that it is helpful to you. I made another contribution and I hope it pushes things further along for you. It's really hard to get people to reach into their wallets, especially nowadays. I think of it as something I get to do that helps you and helps me at the same time. I get to feel good about helping you.

    See how selfish I am? ;)

    Best of luck to you in your quest for better health!