Thursday, February 17, 2011

Trying To Be Normal

I've been trying to be "normal" lately, as in, doing all the things that other people can do. Dan and I have been doing some crazy cleaning because my mom is coming to visit. It's so exhausting. I've been way over-doing it lately, and seem to be in a flare most of the time. But what am I to do? Things have to get done whether I can do them or not. It doesn't matter. Dan can't do it all himself either. He has joint issues so he's in pain a lot too. We just have to do it, push ourselves, and end up making ourselves worse. It's my attempt at being normal, and I'm failing drastically.

In other news, I have been shaking a lot lately, like my fingers are shaking. I don't know what's up with that. Yesterday it was so bad that I actually felt sick. I ended up eating chocolate and drinking gatorade. I wasn't sure if it was low blood sugar or dehydration, so I tried them both. One or the other, or both, worked. My guess would be dehydration, because that happens to me a lot, plus I've never had trouble with blood sugar. So idk.

I'm back in PT for my knee. I'm seeing a new therapist because the last one was horrible and didn't even believe in fibro. This one believes in it and has experience in it, so I think it'll help. He wants to try this thing called "Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization" because my tissue is all stuck and whatnot. Sure, I don't care at this point, just make me better lol.

Ok, I guess that's it for now. Sorry it's been so long since an update, I'll try to do better.

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