Saturday, July 30, 2011

Stress Overload

I am completely and 100% in stress overload mode. If there was something to go wrong, it has in the past few days.

The biggest problem, is, of course related to my medical care. My insurance copays are going up, like ridiculously. Some of my medications are going to be $75! My doctor copays are going up a lot too, different amounts depending on what type of doctor/specialist they are.

I have finally started to get a network of doctors/specialists and medications to get me feeling at least a bit better, and now I may lose all of that because I can't afford the huge copays. I already owe hundreds of dollars to various medical places.

I can not get any kind of assistance because I am a college student. (Apparently that makes you ineligible for anything and everything here in Maine.) I can not seem to find a job that I can physically handle.

This is just too upsetting. I've been depressed, stressed, and anxious since finding this out. I don't know what to do, and all I feel like doing lately is crying. It just isn't fair.

This is probably a crappy explanation of it all, but I just don't have enough in me right now to write a proper post. Feel free to ask questions. Or give advice, I'd greatly appreciate that!


  1. Hang in there Sarah, remember the bad times are always overwhelming. I live in Australia, so can't help with the dr situation, but I understand. All the articles I read at the moment about great new treatments mean adding $$$ to what we already pay. I am allergic to a lot of meds, so even though I am on a pension I have to pay full price for some of my meds. It is very frustrating. I just work out what I can afford & stick with that, then have lots of rest. What are you studying?
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  2. The blog address should be

  3. hello sarah, try to get your mind off of the stressful aspects and try to break it down into practical problems that are solvable. hmm this is very hard, like when it comes to health care and money =/ wish i could help more. is there any way u can sell maybe textbooks u have from school that u dont use anymore? i cant believe maine doesnt let u get any help at all because ur a student. it is ridiculous. i am a student and i get help out here in pa for anxiety and depression @_@ there's also a site where u can write articles though that is something else and not that great at pay. but i hope something works out and it alleviates ur situation. hang in there and breathe :]


  4. I dont know what to suggest as im here in Canada but i did want to send you getle hugs.Is there no counselor at school that you could talk to ?

  5. Hello my sweet friend! I am so sorry you are stressed out! I know exactly how you feel as I am uninsured and qualify for very little help here. It is so frustrating too. Here we have a public funded pharmacy through the county that allows me to get my medications for free or for very little money. They don't carry all of my medications so I do end up having to pay for some of them, but thankfully, the ones I do get are my most expensive ones. You might try calling your local Human Services Dept. to see if they offer anything like that. I also receive my counseling for free through the county which helps a great deal. I have a therapist I meet with once a week and a psychiatrist I meet with once a month. As I don't have a primary care physician that I can get an appointment with right away, my psychiatrist will write my prescriptions for me and I take them over to the pharmacy to get filled. I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder before my fibro diagnosis so that helps a great deal. I don't know if they have anything like free therapy where you are. Again, you might give Human Services a call and ask them. I'm trying to think of something else. Oh, give your local hospital information desk a call. Maybe they can give you the name of some places in your area that offer medical care on a sliding scale. It's not the greatest, but it's better than nothing. Just some thoughts ......