Thursday, July 22, 2010

Yesterday's Adventures

(Side note: This is my 50th blog post, go me.)

So yesterday, Dan and I went to Gorham to visit Kyndra and Mike. It was pretty warm out so we went swimming at the neighbor's pool. Not long after we got in, we heard thunder. We decided to risk our lives until it got really bad. So it was pouring and thundering and lightning, and we were still swimming. (Yes we are insane.) After about an hour or so, we went back inside and played some Wii. We had planned on having a barbeque and since that's still we had to eat, so we had one anyways. Poor Mike was out grilling in the pouring rain and thunderstorms. Afterwards, we went downstairs and played more Wii, until the power went out. Kyndra's mom called and told her that a tornado had touched down not far away at all. I checked the weather on my phone, and sure enough, we had a tornado warning. So we stayed in the basement til it passed. We were all ok, but it sure was scary! It was my first ever experience with a tornado, and trust me, it was enough for a lifetime!

So that was my adventures from yesterday. All the weather changes and such have sure wreaked havoc on my body. Pain is through the roof, and I've had such a headache from the pressure changes. Gotta love it, only not.

Not much else to say today really, just wanted to chronicle my eventful day.

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  1. Hi Sarah! You are ABSOLUTELY CRAZY! And, you all must have nine lives--well 8, now. Sounds like a great day, anyway--even with the life risking behavior!

    I am so sorry to hear you are paying for your fun outing now. Isn't that the way? We try and have some semblance of a normal life (well--yours, not so normal) and we pay for it in spades the next several days!

    About your "other" blog. I meant the "Fibro Voices" one, referred to on your Profile page. I thought the first post was yours, but I see now that it did not have a name attached. I must have assumed it was you. No one has posted for several months so that's probably why you have forgotten about it.

    CONGRATULATIONS on your 50th POST!! An amazing accomplishment!!! Keep it up, because you are doing a great job!